“A compelling journey into the evolutionary past, potential future, and conflicted psyche of the planet’s most dangerous and empathetic predator: us.”

The Meat Paradox is utterly brilliant, in the range of its erudition, the power of its argument, its revelatory profundity and its compelling storytelling.”

Jay Griffiths, author of Why Rebel

“Passionate, sophisticated, urgently important and compulsively readable. Percival’s enquiry dives into deep time, into other dimensions, and ranges across the continents in a search not only for our relationship with meat, but our relationship with ourselves.”

Charles Foster, author of Being a Human and Being a Beast

“In all the best ways, The Meat Paradox complicates the ongoing debate between omnivores and herbivores. It’s a funny, reverent reminder that meat has always been central to our story.”

Dan Barber, author of The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food

“Rob Percival does for meat what David Graeber did for debt, drawing on a wealth of knowledge about the ways that humans have made life work in different times and places to redraw the lines of today’s ethical debate. Fascinating and unsettling, this is a book about how we became what we are – and where we go from here.”

Dougald Hine, co-founder of the Dark Mountain Project

“A fearless exploration of the question that has shaped human evolution and could determine whether we survive as a species into the future: Should we eat animals?”

Louise Gray, author of The Ethical Carnivore: My Year Killing to Eat

“In searching for the answers to a complicated question, this beautifully written book will take you to some unexpected and fascinating places. Written by someone who clearly cares deeply about animals and our planet, it provides much needed nuance in an often polarized debate.”

Tobias Leenaert, author of How to Create a Vegan World: a Pragmatic Approach

“In The Meat Paradox, Rob Percival delves into our carnivorous history and culture and examines its deep connection to the human psyche. It’s an erudite and entertaining excavation, but it also brings us to the present, prompting us to ask what relationship to animals, both wild and domesticated, we should choose now, in a warming world where very few of us need meat to survive. It’s one of the big questions of our age, and Percival compellingly insists we mustn’t shrink from it.”

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

“The Meat Paradox exposes the deeply complex and haunting relationship we have with the animals we eat. As a livestock farmer, I’ve considered this as much as I’ve dared, but Rob opens the paradox to unblinking scrutiny. The meat debate  is one of the most contested raging in the world at the moment, with opposing camps waging war. Rob demolishes the propaganda on both sides, and having exposed the paradox, refuses to provide a pat solution. This is an existential issue which demands that we consider deeply but perhaps can never fully resolve.”

Helen Browning, author of PIG: Tales from an Organic Farm

“How can humans simultaneously love animals and love to eat them? In The Meat Paradox, Rob Percival takes on this question, combining great story telling with the latest findings in fields ranging from psychology and neuroscience to anthropology and moral philosophy. Whether you are an omnivore, a vegetarian, or a vegan, this book is a page turner that will spin your head around.”

Hal Herzog, author of Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat: Why It’s So Hard to Think Straight About Animals 

“An even-handed and nuanced exploration of our deeply complex moral relationships with other animals, The Meat Paradox is a compelling journey into the evolutionary past, potential future, and conflicted psyche of the planet’s most dangerous and empathetic predator: us.”

Tovar Cerulli, author of The Mindful Carnivore: A Vegetarian’s Hunt for Sustenance